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Welcome to Savitribai college of pharmacy

Savitribai college of pharmacy.

What makes Jagadguru Savitribai college of pharmacy an ideal learning destination.There are a host of factors that give SCOP an edge in the teaching and advancement of the medical sciences. To begin with, the SCOP has created a vigorous and intellectually stimulating ambiance conducive to learning and reflection. Students will find campus life to be vibrant and challenging.


The course is designed to make the students competent as per the global demand in management of patient medication therapy and improve patient outcomes.



A dedicated group of teachers, subject experts and consultants ara available for selfless service, form the core of the school faculty.



Research is an integral component of pharmacy education. Considering this, much emphasis is given for research right from the undergraduate level.



The departments at the SCOP are committed to developing challenging curricula and providing students with the resources and support to learn best practices, develop new skills, and contribute to progress in their specialization.


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